Kickstarter Campaign: April 18th – May 18th, 2017

Card Castle - The fun and fast-paced slap-card game! -- Kicktraq Mini


Unleash lightning-quick reflexes to out-slap your opponents and capture the Card Castle – a family friendly party game for adults, teens, & kids, featuring fantasy battles with medieval armies, powerful wizards, and fiery dragons!

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Players: 2-8, Ages: 7+, Play time: 15-20 minutes
: 56 cards

Card Castle is a fast-paced slap card game that puts players’ wits and reflexes to the test. Each player battles for control of the Card Castle by revealing cards from their face-down army deck to engage in battle with their rivals in this medieval fantasy realm. Players win cards to grow their army by being the first to slap specific cards and card combinations, with the ultimate goal of adding all playable cards to their army, thereby emerging as the victor.

The game introduces several new twists to enrich the classic slap card game experience by adding battling armies, tricky look-alikes that increase in-game tension, powerful wizards who recruit cards for their allies, and fiery dragons that burn cards from play.

BONUS TWIST – Team Dragon: In 3+ player games, players who have been completely defeated in battle (aka have no army or reinforcements for one full round) join Team Dragon and burn entire card piles whenever they out-slap their opponents!

The Contents:


***Download Rules Sheet***RulesCapture

The Reviews:


“Simple, exciting and hilarious.”

“Card Castle will absolutely surprise you with how fun it is.”

“It was extremely well balanced and thought-out… Loved it!”

Seattle Indies Expo 2016  Jurors’ reviews

“You’re going to get some smiles, you’re going to get some jammed fingers… It’s worth checking out!”

– Ed Baraf @ Edo’s Game Reviews

“It is fun… It doesn’t require heavy mechanics or strategy, is portable, and most adults and children can recognize the fantasy theme.”

– Cassie Elle @ The Indie Game Report

“Card Castle is a fun new take on the card slapping games you played when you were a kid.”

– Bayard Catron @ Game Theory

“I love the balance in Card Castle between knowing when to slap and suddenly realizing to late that you should or shouldn’t have…

– Paul Peterson, game designer (Guillotine, Smash Up, Pathfinder ACG)

“Card Castle makes a fun family game.”

– Christopher Richter @ Board Gaming For The Win

The Play:

The goal in Card Castle is to out-slap your opponents, win all their cards, and Rule the Card Castle.

1. Players take turns flipping cards blindly from the top of their Army decks onto the center of the table or playmat.

2. When slap cards are flipped (doubles, doors, or wizards), the first player to slap the card wins the battle and adds the card pile to their Reinforcements. But be careful… Don’t slap the Dragon or you’ll get burned!*
*aka, you’ll have to sacrifice an Army card as tribute to the Dragon

3. Once a player’s Army deck is exhausted, their Reinforcements are shuffled to form a fresh Army. Battles continue until there is only one player left with cards, and they are crowned the ruler of the Card Castle!

Team Dragon: In 3+ player games, players who have been completely defeated in battle (aka have no army or reinforcements for one full round) join Team Dragon and burn entire card piles whenever they out-slap their opponents!

(Download full rules sheet here)

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The Thrilling(-ish) Conclusion:

In addition to fulfilling our KickStarter rewards to our generous backers, we’re raising funds to publish our very first production run of Card Castle decks to retail online and hopefully on a game shelf near you!

We wanted to start with a game that was fun and familiar, then stir things up with a few diabolical game elements and mechanics that would make game-play a little more challenging. We’re launching Card Castle as our first title because we love how tactile and energetic the game is – it’s been a great ice-breaker at demos and exhibitions. We’ve played the prototype more times than we can count, but it never feels old, which is great because we’re really looking forward to playing Card Castle at game nights and conventions for years to come!

We’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Card Castle, balancing, re-balancing, doing live demos at local game shops (thanks Uncle’s Games, Arcane Comics, Blue Highway, Raygun Lounge, and Meeples!) and gaming conventions (thanks iFest, GeekGirlCon, PAX, Seattle Indies Expo, G2E2, OrcaCon, Emerald City Comicon, and Renton RetroCon!) to keep tweaking and improving Card Castle to the finely tuned slap-fest that it is today. We hope you love the game as much as we do and that Card Castle can help to bring more fun into the world.

Thanks so much for your support in helping to make Card Castle a reality!

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