“I wanted to start with a game that was fun and familiar, then stir things up with a few diabolical game elements and mechanics that would make game-play a little more challenging… We’re launching Card Castle as our first title because we love how tactile and energetic the game is – it’s been a great ice-breaker at demos and exhibitions. I’ve played the prototype more times than I can count, but it never feels old, which is great because I’m really looking forward to playing Card Castle at game nights and conventions for years to come!” — Polo Schlemmer, Shel Games Creative Mastermind


Four friends. One goal. More fun!!!

Our vision is to develop great tabletop games that are genuinely more fun: fun to play, fun to watch, and fun to learn.

Together, we design, illustrate, tweak, and streamline our tabletop games to maximize fun and minimize confusion during game nights for casual gamers and tabletop enthusiasts alike.

We hope you have as much fun playing and sharing our games as we had in making them. After all, the more happiness we can share with the world, the better! 🙂

– The SHEL Games Team

Polo Schlemmer – Creative Mastermind
Sophia Haddix – Artist Extraordinaire
Briana Evans – Chief Cat Herder
Debbie Lin – Technical Wordsmith


Twitter, Instagram, and around the internet: @CardCastleGame